what is the #1 competitive advantage used by the most savvy female entrepreneurs?


confidence on camera
to grow your business


Getting on Camera is the FASTEST WAY to Build HIGH CONVERTING RELATIONSHIPS With Your Customers.

Discover a Proven System to Rock the Camera, Connect with Your Clients + Grow Your Business, FAST.

As an entrepreneur, you’re all about doing whatever it takes to grow your business, but when you think about putting yourself out there on video:

  • Your stomach turns
  • Your voice quivers
  • You start organizing your taxes, cleaning your house, whatever you can think of to AVOID showing up on video that day

Video (and especially LIVE video), means:

  • You judge yourself like crazy
  • You’re afraid of saying the wrong thing
  • You can’t even IMAGINE feeling confident on camera (is that even a thing?!?)
  • You’re sure everyone thinks you’re making a fool of yourself
  • You watch your recording and CRINGE at your robot-voice, your nervous twitches, those ummms and ahhhhhs you didn’t even realize you do!

And this is where things really begin to unravel for you and your business…


  • Your confidence plummets. Making it harder to consistently position yourself as the expert in your niche
  • Your brand doesn’t have the “buzz”, presence or platform to grow into a successful business
  • Most importantly, you are missing the ONE thing that can help you build High Converting Relationships with your clients

You Were Led to Believe That Your EXPERTISE AND EMAIL LIST WOULD BE ENOUGH to build a strong business…

…but you’re beginning to wonder if you will ever have the success you dream of.

The Old “Hustling” Method

You’ve been told that in order to build relationships with your clients and grow your business you need a MASSIVE email list.

The New “High Conversion” Method

Email marketing is the OLD, formal way of marketing. The truth is, you’ve never been taught the secret to building a brand that rises above the competition, quickly, and effortlessly.

The Old “Hustling” Method

You've been told that in order to grow your brand you need to spend hours on social media and write email after email.

The New “High Conversion” Method

Canva, emails and webinars are just not cutting it. And you know it. There’s a psychology to connecting with your clients that goes beyond traditional marketing strategies. You KNOW you are missing a critical piece of the puzzle that will save you hours and hours of hustle.

The Old “Hustling” Method

You KNOW that one more email to your clients isn't the answer. Nobody reads emails, anyway. You know that if you don’t do SOMETHING, you will never achieve the success you so deeply desire.

The New “High Conversion” Method

If you are going to have the MASSIVE business growth that you want, you have to show up with confidence and BUILD relationships with your audience using the BEST marketing tool for female entrepreneurs: Video. Deep down inside, you know what that missing piece is: YOU. Your presence, your voice, your face…on camera.

What if I told you that email marketing is NOT the best way to build HIGH CONVERTING RELATIONSHIPS with your clients?

In fact, I OVERSOLD my first 2 launches with an email list of less than 500 people. My 3rd launch was private, with no advertising, and I sold out in 90 minutes...to my ideal clients...all because I knew EXACTLY how to show up on camera.

What if I told you there is a NEW WAY to create a connection with your clients, FAST, and ultimately, grow your business…WITHOUT a huge email list?

What if I told you that JUST showing up on video a couple of times a week is going to do 10X more for your business than writing long emails day after day ever will?

Not only that, what if you could learn how to ROCK THE CAMERA to grow your business, from someone that has been behind the scenes?

What If You Could…

Ditch the emails and build customer relationships, fast

Become that “natural” that everyone else seems to be

Be captivating, engaging and authentic on camera

Speak with confidence on your online platform

Be the leader in your niche

Say “yes” to showing up and “no” to self doubt

Have a powerful presence as a female leader

Have your confidence match your passion

Watch your business EXPLODE as you step into your power and onto the camera

Stop Endless Hustling. Start Relationship Building.

Meet Dr. Shyamala


Getting in front of the camera is an act of RADICAL SELF-ACCEPTANCE and a powerful way to CONNECT WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS.




As a television expert AND a mindset expert, I can teach you not only the mental tricks to control your nerves, but also the nitty-gritty tricks to become an excellent on-camera presence. 

Hi, I’m Dr. Shyamala. I believe that when we have confidence, we have the capacity to contribute FULLY to our mission.

We all have big plans, powerful gifts and a contribution to make to the world. When we show up, fully embodied, we have the capacity for incredible impact.

As a Clinically-Trained Coach, my mission is to help female entrepreneurs build High Performance Relationships, in every area of their life. Including with themselves, their audience, and yes, even the camera.



I know EXACTLY how it feels to be terrified of the camera.

In fact, I was the kid in class who wouldn’t even raise her hand to answer a question. Getting on camera used to make my palms sweat, my heart race and my voice shake. I chose a quiet career as a therapist where one-on-one conversations were my safe zone!

So when I was offered a position as the on-camera therapist on a national television show, you could imagine my terror.

Well, I’m proud to say that 10 years later I still had that gig, so I’m here to teach you every single thing I learned in order to use the camera to grow my business.

Showing up on camera is the fastest way to grow your business.
It’s also the ONE thing that most women are terrified of.

Once I discovered how to combine my 2 decades of experience in helping people up-level their confidence and my decade of television experience, it transformed my business.

It was like having a foolproof method to show up on camera with poise, presence and confidence and GENERATE MASSIVE GROWTH. Every. Single. Time.


Now it’s your turn to gain the COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE that no one has taught us female entrepreneurs: Building a High Converting Relationship with your greatest marketing ally: The Camera.

Are you ready to ditch wasted working hours and master the camera?



confidence on camera
to grow your business


A hands-on, bootcamp-style coaching program designed to help female entrepreneurs use video to GROW THEIR BUSINESSES, FAST.

Why video?

Video is the quickest, most effective way to build rapport, drive engagement and make sales.

Stop spending months, or even years, growing your email list.

Video allows you to build High Converting Relationships with your customers, and ultimately, accelerate your business growth.

Video visibility gives you a competitive advantage, fast.



Stop hiding from the camera and missing opportunites to connect with your clients

Speak with confidence and clarity, every time

No more imposter syndrome on camera; show up as a leader in your niche

Overcome those long standing on-camera fears

Actually enjoy the camera (yup, it’s possible)

Watch your business take off with less hustle, hassle and wasted working hours

Authority Accelerator is the female entrepreneurs ULTIMATE roadmap for transforming their confidence on camera and growing their business. Gain a competitive advantage, now.


  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Managing your inner critic
  • ACTUALLY enjoy showing up on video


  • Driving REAL customer engagement that converts to sales
  • Adding money to your bottom line
  • Increasing brand visibility, instantly

Here’s EXACTLY how we’ll do it:


Module One: Confidence Fundamentals I [Mindset]

My 3 Step System to Overcome Imposter Syndrome & Build Your Confidence (the REAL way)

Overcome Perfectionism & Put Yourself Out There (you know this is a non-negotiable)

My #1 Trick to Overcome On-Camera Anxiety


Module Two: Confidence Fundamentals II [Communication]

The FASTEST way to Connect with Your Ideal Clients

The Communication Traps you MUST Avoid

The BEST Way to Build Trust and Authority in Your Niche, Quicker Than You Ever Thought Possible


Module Three: Camera Fundamentals I [Hold Your Space]

The “3 S Formula” for a Killer Camera Presence

Build Engagement Through Emotion + Facial Expression

Radical Self-Acceptance: The ULTIMATE On-Camera Confidence Hack (yes, we can tell when you’re “faking it ‘til you make it”)

What NOT to do with your body on camera (yes, body language totally matters)


Module Four: Camera Fundamentals II [Use Your Voice]

The Words You MUST Eliminate From Your Messaging

The #1 Secret Sauce of ALL On-Camera Professionals

How to Use Mistakes to Your Advantage

The Biggest (and most overlooked) Factor in Speaking with Confidence


Module Five: Camera Fundamentals III [Build Relationships That Convert]

The BEST Strategy for Building Relationships that Convert into Sales

The Perfect Intro and the Biggest Mistake that 90% of People Make

What to Wear + What NOT to Wear

The 3 WORST Things You Are Doing on Camera


Module Six: The After Party [Critics, Trolls, Negativity]

The Most Common Mistake We Make When Responding to Criticism

The #1 Boss Move for ALL Female Entrepreneurs to Survive the Online World

How to Use Trolling to Your Advantage

Manage Vulnerability Fatigue (it’s definitely a thing)


Course Project: Marketing Fundamentals [Promotional Video Guide]

During the 6-week Confidence-On-Camera-Bootcamp, you will create a 2-minute introduction video to promote your business or offer. With my guidance and feedback, you will refine this video on a weekly basis and end up with a killer introduction video to build HIGH CONVERTING RELATIONSHIPS with your clients!



Each week, you will receive a video based learning module to prepare you for that week’s lesson. You will have lifetime access to the full training library, so you can revisit any of the teaching anytime you want to dial in your skills.

($1200 Value)


Experiential learning is proven to be the most effective way to not simply learn, but EXECUTE a new skill. You will get 6 weeks of hands-on, live coaching with Dr. Shyamala and you will learn by DOING. The course consists of weekly video challenges and you will get direct feedback from myself as well as a small group of your colleagues.

Learn, execute, correct, execute again.

($2000 Value)


There’s nothing worse than feeling “stuck" as an entrepreneur.

Daily Voxer access to Dr. Shyamala so that you can keep moving forward, at the speed of your business.

(Support When Your Need It: Priceless)


Bundle #1: The Female Entrepreneurs On-Camera Accelerator Bundle

  • MASTERCLASS: How To Do On-Camera Makeup in Under 15 Minutes
  • CHEAT SHEET: Video Equipment Must-Haves to Look Great on Camera
  • CHEAT SHEET: Creating the Perfect Filming Set to Build Brand Visibility

($500 Value)

Bundle #2: The Female Entrepreneurs Business Accelerator Bundle

  • MASTERCLASS: How to Sell with Confidence (Sales Psychology) with Katie Read
  • CHEAT SHEET: Video Marketing Maximizer - HOW to Show up Based on the Platform
  • CHEAT SHEET: How to Create a Killer Intro Video (ON-CAMERA COURSE PROJECT GUIDE)

($700 Value)


Total Value: $4400


$1195 $995 One-Time Payment
  • 6 Video -Based Learning Modules
  • 6 Weeks of Hands-On Coaching
  • Daily Access to Dr. Shyamala
  • Masterclass: Makeup in 15 Minutes
  • Masterclass: Sell with Confidence
  • Cheat Sheet: Video Equipment Must-Haves
  • Cheat Sheet: Creating the Perfect Set
  • Cheat Sheet: Video Marketing Maximizer
  • Cheat Sheet: Creating a Killer Intro Video


$545 2 Monthly Payments
  • 6 Video -Based Learning Modules
  • 6 Weeks of Hands-On Coaching
  • Daily Access to Dr. Shyamala
  • Masterclass: Makeup in 15 Minutes
  • Masterclass: Sell with Confidence
  • Cheat Sheet: Video Equipment Must-Haves
  • Cheat Sheete: Creating the Perfect Set
  • Cheat Sheet: Video Marketing Maximizer
  • Cheat Sheet: Creating a Killer Intro Video



Melanie Sutherland

Clinic Director + Owner [Body Co]

Shyamala is an exceptional resource for high-level communication and mindset. Her techniques are simple yet incredibly intuitive and effective. I've been able to use her strategic advice in my organization to help my business to grow and flourish. More importantly my time with Shyamala has given me the tools to drastically increase my confidence as a leader.


Dr. Christina Carreau

Naturopathic Doctor + Founder [Turning Stress into Strength]

Shyamala’s courses are loaded with valuable and well-organized content. I loved the community, the delivery of the information and the powerful coaching sessions. I was so impressed by Shyamala's ability to lead by example and really appreciated her willingness and ability to share some of her personal struggles and triumphs that she has navigated through as an entrepreneur.


Dr. Daina Patel

Chiropractor + Founder [Feel-Good System for Women with Back Pain]

It has been a pleasure learning from Shyamala. I’ve already started to shift my mindset, both professionally and personally. I’ve been feeling more open to putting myself out there and less afraid of what others will think of me. The value in working with Shyamala is infinite. Don't hesitate to invest if you are thinking about this because it is definitely something everyone needs. Mindset is the basis of why we get stuck in all areas of our lives so no matter who you are, this is going to transform your life.


Alison Danby

Functional Medicine Practitioner + Founder [The Autoimmune Academy]

Shyamala is truly a leader when it comes to mindset and communication. I noticed several mindset shifts even after the first coaching call. I’ve not only levelled up in my professional life but also my personal life. She created a safe and interactive group atmosphere for the coaching calls allowing us to deep dive into real-life experiences. Shyamala over delivers, providing so much value and I know it’s something that will continue to provide value.  Working with Shyamala has been worth the investment plus more.


Dr. Marillea Yu

Naturopathic Doctor + Founder [Living That Non-Toxic Life]

Shyamala is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in her field, as well as incredibly kind and compassionate in her delivery.  The material and exercises she creates for her coaching clients is practical, relevant and easy to understand. Shyamala brings collaborative support, practical tools and lots of experience. I am so appreciative of her and all that she brings to the table. I've come away with insight and some really great tools that have already served to profoundly enrich my life and my relationships.


Dr. Tara Guzzo

Naturopathic Doctor + Owner [InVersa Health]

Working with Shyamala was one of the best decisions I've made for my personal and professional growth. In the past, I have taken a lot of personal development courses. What makes Shyamala's work different is her expertise in mindset, communication, and high performance. She has the ability to hold space as you do the actual work of personal growth.

In working with Shyamala, I gained a new sense of confidence. I'm so grateful for the action I've taken to enhance my mindset, communication and results inspired by Shyamala's leadership.


Authority Accelerator will teach you the SKILLS and the TECHNIQUES necessary to show up and speak confidently, regardless of the size of your platform. These are tried and true practices that will provide you with the confidence to leverage your platform to grow your business.

Yup. You, your fellow Authority Accelerator hustlers and I are going to hang out together (online), interact in real time and learn experientially. That means you will get to practice the HARDEST part of showing up on camera: showing up on camera

The good news is you will also have a chance to employ the #1 strategy for increasing your confidence when showing up with confidence: show up, show up again, and keep showing up

The worst thing you can do when you are afraid of something, is avoid the fear. The most effective thing you can do, is to do the very thing you are afraid of, in a safe environment. PRESENCE will not only give you the TECHNIQUES to overcome your fears, it will also give you the PRACTICE to overcome your fears. In coaching, we call this systematic desensitization. It’s just a fancy term for “keep doing it until the fear shrinks”

High Converting Relationships with your clients are about showing up as the most authentic and relatable version of you. It’s not about having a winning personality, a quick wit or an incredible sense of humour. Smiling, on the other hand, is a non-negotiable ☺ I will teach you the tricks of the trade so that you connect with YOUR ideal clients.

Usually, not a whole lot. Lucky for you I spent close to a decade as a panel expert on a National TV show. I understand the pressure, the anxiety and the fear of getting in front of a camera. I’ve also learned EXACTLY how to overcome these fears and show up like a boss.